Marlies Zoll

Skilled support for lasting change

Marlies Zoll is a registered Psychologist combining counselling with elements of psychotherapy and energetic healing.

With a unique holistic and eclectic approach to cater for clients' personal needs, Marlies assists in designing a comprehensive action and treatment plan to facilitate change.

Her caring, professional and positive attitude provides a safe space to comfortably discuss and process private topics. Her practice is in Mount Riverview.

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"Where I see bits, Marlies sees the whole. Your warmth is heartening and with every session the pieces come together."
Olivia, Sydney 

"Thank you Marlies for what we shared, I am now tackling things head on with confidence and having a much more fulfilling time."
Lisa, Penrith

Marlies Sml

Marlies Zoll is a registered Psychologist and an IST therapist. She has a private practice in
Mt. Riverview, in the lower
Blue Mountains and Penrith ... more.