Marlies Zoll


You can rest assured that counselling is based on the development of a trusting relationship, collaboration and strict adherence to confidentiality.

The focus of the initial session will be to build rapport and to make a thorough assessment of your situation, individual needs and preferences. Based on this information a comprehensive action and treatment plan to facilitate change will be designed in partnership with you. This plan will be monitored, reviewed and changed if the need arises.

Marlies takes an eclectic approach and may combine counselling methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution-focused, Choice Theory approaches and Mindfulness. With these evidence based therapies, Marlies incorporates elements from psychotherapy, such as the Inner Space Techniques, Focussing, Gestalt, Art, Narrative and Sand Play Therapy. She also offers Meditation, Relaxation, Emotional Freedom Technique, Brain Gym and Bush and Bach Flower Remedies.

She believes in promoting self-esteem, motivation and self-mastery skills and puts a strong focus on helping the clients identify their strengths and resources. She also assists clients in the process of self-development work and provides a safe space for self-discovery.

Counselling is based on the development of a trusting relationship and strict adherence to confidentiality.