Marlies Zoll


Prior to making an appointment, you are welcome to contact Marlies by phone or e-mail to ask questions about her services and how she might be able to help you.

Marlies takes great care to facilitate a relaxed and secure environment in which you can feel safe and trustworthy to discuss private topics. Part of the initial session is a comprehensive assessment which involves getting to know you, discussing your desired outcome and formulating goals and a treatment plan in collaboration with you. Marlies takes a holistic, broad approach when working with clients. Part of the treatment plan may consist of identifying small and manageable changes in your life that have the potential to increase wellness and to support the progress of matters you are dealing with. Marlies will encourage you to engage in a process of self-discovery to gain self-mastery skills and increased resilience to life's challenges.

Sessions will involve a mixture of strategies depending on the issues you are facing. Session times are 1 hour for counselling sessions and up to 1.5 hours for ISIS sessions. The initial interview will take about half an hour longer.

In some situations a home visit may be of benefit and can be negotiated.

Internet video consultations via skype are available as well. Experience has shown that this medium has a great potential for a quality interpersonal space to develop and that despite of the physical distance an atmosphere of emotional holding and support can be passed through the ether. However, internet consultations are not refundable through Medicare.