Marlies Zoll


"My son had become extremely anxious going to school, tummy aches, clinginess, tears and all the rest of it. Marlies' advice and sessions with him were a turnaround for our whole family. He is now a happy lad who is looking forward to seeing his friends and has taken up soccer." Linda, mother of a 10 yr old boy

"I was very depressed and had started cutting myself. We did all this relaxation and sand play stuff and talked about what changes I could do to my life. It has worked. I feel so much better and can focus again on my studies." Emily, 17 year old student

"Our relationship was a mess, a lot of fighting going on. Marlies helped us to reconnect to each other and we are so grateful for this." Ronda & Peter, 32 and 35 years old

"After one session I was able to reflect and understand with insight about the influence of a past experience and work towards releasing the emotional blockage as a result. I felt totally safe and supported during the gentle regression. It was amazing to experience the clarity of memories and to be able to feel empowered after dealing with them. I feel this therapy (IST) definitely has therapeutic benefits." Michelle, 52 year old Teacher

If you are interested in discussing my services or would like to find out how I may be able to help you, feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Marlies Zoll